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+1) What is the minimum size and maximum size project C & N Associates, LLC can undertake?
The company has no minimum, and has a maximum single project capability of up to $3.5 million.

+2) How can I apply for a job with C & N Associates, LLC?
You can apply via the internet by forwarding your resume to or or fax us at (301) 464-5974.

+3) Does C & N Associates, LLC accept credit card payments?
Yes C & N Associates, LLC accepts credit card payments on most government credit card programs.

+4) Is C & N Associates bondable?
C & N Associates, LLC is bondable for up to $3.5 million single project.

+5) How many years has C & N Associates, LLC been in business?
C & N Associates, LLC started in 2001, and became a Limited Liability Company in October 2003.

+6) What kinds of projects does C & N Associates, LLC undertake?
C & N Associates, LLC is a General Contractor specializing in interior exterior construction, storm drainage systems, design build and project management.

+7) Are there limitations to the geographical areas where C & N Associates, LLC will undertake projects?
There are no geographical limitations to where C & N Associates, LLC can provide their services, but currently most of our operations are within the East Coast.

+8) What are the hours of operation?
The hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

+9) How much of your business is referral and repeat business?
Most of C & N Associates, LLC negotiated projects are by referral and repeat business, and others are by competitive bidding.

+10) Does C&N ssociates, LLC give free estimates?
C & N Associates, LLC provides free estimates on both our negotiated and competitively bidded projects.
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